DIY Brow Tint Kit


Tint your brows at home with our made easy DIY tinting kit. Comes with everything you need to do your brows at home custom tint colour, tint developer, barrier balm, mixing dish w/ applicator, cotton tips, cotton rounds, alcohol wipes & brow spooly.

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Purchase our professional DIY home brow tint kit that includes everything you need for 2+ applications. Choose from our 3 colour options light brown, medium brown, natural brown. If you are unsure of which colour to select please contact us through our live chat or social media pages.

Our kit includes:

  • Barrier Balm
  • Tint Colour
  • Tint Developer
  • Mixing dish & Applicator
  • Cotton Tips
  • Cotton Rounds
  • Spoolies
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Instructions leaflet

Deluxe Option comes with full size professional tint, pro angle brow brush, collagen lip mask, 3x Tint Developer, Alcohol Wipes, Cotton Tips & Cotton Rounds (Available Only in Light Brown & Natural Brown)

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Mini, Deluxe

Colour Option

Light Brown, Medium Brown, Natural Brown

How To Apply

Preparation: Use a place mat or towel to prevent dropping tint and staining any surroundings. For any spills use alcohol wipes immediately to clean the stain.

Allow 45min to 60 min.

Step 1: Cleanse the brow area using an oil free skin cleanser or make up remover.

Step 2: Use barrier balm around the brow shape to prevent staining outside the brow shape (this step can be removed when confident of applying tint and following the shape.)

Step 3: Scoop 50% of tint colour from 5g container and mix 50/50 ratio of tint with peroxide into the mixing bowl and mix thoroughly.

Step 4 Using the applicator apply tint to brow starting from the tails, lining the bottom of the shape and working towards the start (bulb) of the brow. Using the spooly brush the tint through the brow to get an even application.

Step 5: With a cotton tip remove any excess tint around the shape to perfect and define the lines leaving a clean finish.

Step 6: Wait for the tint to process for about 5-15 mins depending on the stain concentration you would like. For an ombre effect, remove the first centimetre of the brow tint after about 5 minutes of processing time and leave to process the rest for a further 5 mins – 15 mins. Then remove excess tint with damp cotton pads

Step 7: Brush brows with the clean spooly and you are done.

Optional Step: If you need to reapply tint to any patches you can repeat step 4 on patches only for a further 5 mins to help tint stain skin.

  • To extend the life of your tint avoid cleansing over your brows directly or too thoroughly.